Business driven apps for mobile, web and devices.

We combine 17+ years of mobile apps experience crafted by 25+ years of diversified business experience. We design an app as a business. In this way, your business goals go first.
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What we do

We develop apps from idea to implementation: for native mobile clients, tablets, web and gadgets.

Company apps

We develop apps that support your internal or external business processes.
We adopt technologies that are necessary to reach your goals: Bluetooth, GPS, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Machine Learning, Artificial Learning, cutting edge algorithms, and many others.

Consumer apps

We develop apps for your consumers. Also here we put your business goals central. More than 80% of all apps are not being used. We want our apps to be in the 20% of successful ones.
We know how to scale your software properly so that it can be used by a large number of users.

Robotic Process Automation

We analyze and standardize your business processes. We use Robotic Process Automation to make all possible routines done by the bots while you can keep using your existing tools. Depending on your choice, we can use either our own RPA solution or build a custom-made one.

How we do this

Business centric development is our passion. We don’t develop for the development’s sake, we develop to add value.


Business analysis

What problems we will cover, who are our customers, why our solution is better than existing. Easy to understand Mind Maps or Business Canvas in one-page overview.

Iterative approach

We present and test the results at the end of each iteration. Flexible approach, timely adjustments and feedback from business and end users helps to make an app successful.

Clear project overview

Roadmaps, time lines and backlog understandable for the business owner. Maximum visibility with the minimum time needed to understand the project status.

Understandable outcome

Watch the video, participate in video presence sessions with developers and feel how the project develops even if you are on the move. We make use of robotic telepresence.

Promotion and customer reach

We test customers reaction in early stages of the product development before the final product is ready – it is easier and less expensive to adapt product towards market reaction.

Support and administration

We provide a team to support the product after its launch, system administration and monitoring or deploy tools for smooth customer support.

What we offer

Business analysis

Study target audience, set goals, define requirements

RnD, Prototyping

Analyze business goals. Find the most feasible technologies. Make quick prototypes.

Technology consulting

Design and code implementation/review, system architecture, feasibility analysis and more

UI/UX design

We make sure users always know what to do and where to go in your mobile app


Cross-platform (on native level) development. All mobile platforms. All known technologies

Quality Assurance

QA/QC plan, cases, manual and automated testing, unit tests etc

Challenge us on how your app idea can impact your business success!